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Step by Step

Local artist extraordinaire Christine MacShane guides us in a series of Step-by-Step painting lessons guaranteed to leave you with a love of painting for years to come.

Big Ben's Movie Show

Critiques of the newest Movie Releases, starring host Big Ben Weddell and weekly guests.

Chef In The Market

The DCBA presents live cooking demonstrations, featuring local chefs featuring some of their signature dishes using fresh and local ingredients from downtown Chico’s Thursday Night Market

Rainbow Review

The Nation’s only dedicated LGBTQ Weekly News Program.

Women Making Waves

Female Powered.


Host Churro takes viewers on a deep dive into the ecclectic local music scene.

The Heartland

Muir Hughes (Chikoko, The Book Store) welcomes prominent community members into the studio for in-depth discussions.

RO & IZO's Sports Shizow

Our very own weekly Sports Roundup, featuring guests, games, and commentary on the world of sports and beyond.

Dream Show

What do you get when some of the community’s most prolific performance artists get carte blanche to their own show ?  The Dream Show.

That's That

Join Jeff, Jesse, Lisa, Eliot, Lacosha, Randal and Angie Mamma in what can only be described as a News-Comedy-Variety-Music Show.

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Our Studio Members have momentum.  With 10 shows in regular weekly development, our Studio Certification & Membership program is a huge success.  Take a look for yourself, and see what people just like you are doing in our studio.