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BCAC.tv connects our region’s youth and community through tools, resources and training to give the power of digital media. Partnering with instructors with proven industry experience and a heart for the region, we provide on-the-job training in real-world productions, teaching invaluable skills in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, while emphasizing and reinforcing the importance of teamwork, communication, commitment to others, and dedication to nurturing and enhancing the social and cultural value of one’s community.

Our Educational Programs:

YouthForce sees underserved and at-risk teens paired with organizations and relevant local issues in need of professional and compelling media campaigns. YouthForce teams are guided through an intensive multi-week program, learning the ins-and-outs of video production technologies and practices, meeting with clients, and developing and producing a professional media product. Their work is important and celebrated, expanding their relationship and appreciation for their community – an experience that can continue to shape the rest of their lives and expand the many opportunities ahead of them.

ShortCuts is an intensive three-week summer course in partnership with local production companies, designed for youth ages 7-14, in which they learn to brainstorm, write, develop, produce and edit a short movie. Designed to give youth a fun and meaningful glimpse into the exciting and dedicated task of filmmaking.

FeMedia focuses on women ages 15 and beyond, introducing them to the world of digital arts and video production. Women are largely absent in leading video and film production roles, and our program aims to create a new generation of strong and empowered young women – ready to make their mark on the exciting world of digital media.

SportsCasters Camp launches in Summer 2017. It is designed to bridge our youth’s love of sports with the exciting world of television broadcasting. With the return of The Chico Heat, our SportsCasting Camp will give any young person interested in a career in sports broadcasting a fast-paced and in-depth taste of the action.