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BCAC – Butte Community Access Center- is committed to creating a platform for greater awareness of our region’s diverse offerings and unique cultural identity, through exposure to local Arts & Culture, Events & Activities, Local Government, Organizations, Business Community, and the community of inspired and dedicated individuals that together help make this region a truly unique and wonderful place to call home.

BCAC’s unique platform brings the community together in new and exciting ways.  We offer tools, resources, and instruction inspired to bring the power of digital media into the hands and hearts of our community.  Whether working with youth and teens through our YouthForce, afterschool and job-shadowing programs, or our College Internships designed to foster higher-level learning into career-ready skills, or working with community members to introduce them to the power of digital storytelling, BCAC is dedicated to developing meaningful relationships to our home, while opening new doors to career-pathways and exciting possibilities.

Become a member and support BCAC.tv– Your truly local Community Media Center. WATCH US 24/7 ON Comcast Channel 11. And check us out here on BCAC.tv , or on Youtube or Vimeo to stay connected with what your community is creating.

Covering Butte, Glenn and Tehama Counties, with 2 Broadcast Zones to better serve our diverse region:

  • ZONE 1: Chico, Corning, Hamilton City, Orland, Willows, Durham and areas contiguous to Chico.
  • ZONE 2: Biggs, Gridley, Oroville, Paradise and areas contiguous to Oroville.




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Our Shows

Step by Step

Local artist extraordinaire Christine MacShane guides us in a series of Step-by-Step painting lessons guaranteed to leave you with a love of painting for years to come.

Big Ben's Movie Show

Critiques of the newest Movie Releases, starring host Big Ben Weddell and weekly guests.

Rainbow Review

The Nation's only dedicated LGBTQ Weekly News Program.

The Heartland

Muir Hughes (Chikoko, The Book Store) welcomes prominent community members into the studio for in-depth discussions.

That's That

Join Jeff, Jesse, Lisa, Eliot, Lacosha, Randal and Angie Mamma in what can only be described as a News-Comedy-Variety-Music Show.

RO & IZO's Sports Shizow

Our very own weekly Sports Roundup, featuring guests, games, and commentary on the world of sports and beyond.

Dream Show

What do you get when some of the community's most prolific performance artists get carte blanche to their own show ?  The Dream Show.

Sophia's Sunny Saturday

Youth All-Star Sophia interviews special guests and discusses what's hot and what's not.

Listen To The Kids

A show by kids, for kids.  Stop talking. Class is in session.


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