Big Ben's Movie Show

Weekly Movie Roundup of the newest Theatrical Film Releases, starring host Big Ben Weddell, and weekly guest hosts from the community.  Running Length 30minutes.  Weekly. Launched September 1, 2015

Step By Step with Christine Mac Shane

Join local artist extraordinaire Christine Mac Shane through a series of Step-by-Step painting lessons guaranteed to leave you with a love of painting for years to come.  And ooooo, hat soothing Australian accent.

The Heartland Review

Join Muir Hughes (Chikoko, The Used Bookstore), as she welcomes prominent figures from the community into the studio for in-depth, 1-on-1 discussion and interviews.  Running Length 30minutes.  Season 1- 13 Episodes.  Launched September, 2015.

The RO & ISO Sports Shizow

Our very own weekly Sports Roundup, with local hosts and local college students and future TV personas Jarreau Gilbert, Derek Isomaki, Juan Uriarte and Tucker Bowers.  Featuring weekly guests and commentary on the world of sports and beyond.

That's That

Join Jeff, Jessee, Lisa Marie, Eliot, Lacosha, Lord Randal and Angie Mamma for a weekly news/variety show, made right here in Chico.

The Rainbow Review

The Nation’s only dedicated LGBTQ Weekly News Program, with hosts Susan Frawley & Steven Tyler.

The Dream Show

What do you get when you take some of the communities most prolific performance artists and give them carte blanche to their own show ?  The Dream Show.

Sophia's Sunny Saturday

Youth All-Star Sophia interviews special guests and discusses what’s hot and what’s not.  Weekly on Saturday’s

Listen To The Kids

A show by kids, for kids