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BCAC is committed to providing Tools, Resources, Training, Workshops and Real-World Experiences for anyone in the community wanting to learn digital media arts skills for the 21st Century and beyond. Check out our Membership levels to find one that’s right for you. Welcome to your new home for community media.

  • Access to BCAC.tv’s Community Media Archives & Streaming Content
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  • BCAC Media Center Membership
  • Open Labs with trained staff and seasoned members
  • Free and Discounted Equipment Rentals
  • Vocal Booth – Take your voice to the next level.
  • Broadcast over Cable and Intenet.
  • BCAC.tv Community Creator’s Profile Archives and Pre-Releases.
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  • Designed for Teams of 3-6. 
  • TEAM UP and take your productions to a higher level.
  • Multi-Camera, HD and 4K Live and pre-recorded productions.
  • Studio Lighting, Broadcast Audio, Greenscreen and Dynamic Motion Graphics
  • Work with trained staff to Develop & Produce your own TV shows
  • Regular programming on Cable Ch11 and BCAC.tv
  • Expedited Content Proposals & Submissions *
  • Preferred Access to FreeSpeech Vocal Booth **
  • Instant Entry to BCAC.tv Contests & Awards
  • Priority Free & Discounted Classes, Workshops & Special Events
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What Our Members Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

“When I started with BCAC I didn’t have any media experience.  I knew it was a field I wanted to explore, but figured I’d have to move to LA to get real experience.  In just 6 months I’ve learned how to edit, and am producing two weekly 30minute shows with awesome people.  BCAC has been a life changer! ” Juan Uriarte

“I’ve always wanted my own TV show.  I’ve had a lot of experience doing youtube and podcasts, but there’s something about internet culture that doesn’t feel right.  Contending with youtube trolls and getting swayed by trying to go viral was causing me to lose focus on what was really important.  Creating my show for the local community allows me to be myself and create the show I’ve always wanted to create.  When people approach me on the street and say ‘Hey, you’re that guy from TV.  I love your show.  Keep up the great work”, that’s worth more than a million hits on youtube.” Ben Weddell

Host - Big Ben's Movie Show

“As my college days drew to a close, I became more and more concerned about the reality of actually finding a good job in digital media. Sure, I’d have a degree and a ton of class assignments under my belt, but with practically no experience outside of school. I’m so grateful I found BCAC in my final semester of college. In just 4 months I was able to put literally everything I’d learned in school to the test in real-world situations. Now I work for NBC in Sacramento, and I honestly could not have done it without BCAC and the amazing people there. Thank you BCACtv! ” Sascha Alexia